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actual and planned projects:

The Dragon of East and West

PARADOX connect strange cultures and shows the different ranges of visibility in eastern and western art. PARADOX tries to cross frontiers and to enable the meeting of people from different origins.

PARADOX is running a common exhibition project mit chinese artists in Germany. “Dragon in East and West” is the theme. This should be attractive: the eastern dragon has absolutely nothing to do with the eastern.
The first two exhibitions were at “Castle Schönfeld” near Dresden and at “Castle Rochlitz” near Chemitz.
The fourth exhibition takes place in Helmstedt, 15. september until 2. november 2007.


permanent projects:

Lobster Booth PARADOX on Heligoland

At the inner harbour of the island Heligoland an art shopping mile with small galleries, art and photo shops in the old fisher lodges, called "lobster booth" was created.
The brothers B.J. and Rudolf Antony bought one and so PARADOX is on !
In the first floor is now a room for shopping, working and exhibitioning, in the roof floor a stockroom.
The conversion of the first floor was ready for the opening of "art is an island" in august 1998; the conversion of the roof floor became ready in august 1999.

Since than the "lobster booth" can be used by all members of PARADOX for
working, exhibiting, selling and filling up with new inspirations ... !

For more information click on the picture !

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