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The gallery of the artist group PARADOX -
Lobster Booth 33 on Heligoland ...

The "Lobster Booth 33" is situated idyllically directly at the inland port in the "Unterland" in a line of further booths, whose pictorial exterior already works as eyecatcher from the sea-page while landing on Heligoland. All booths are from the outside wood-disguised. Quite simply, in the Scandinavian style, with horizontally running boards, which are painted in pastel inks: the one blue, the next green, the next rosa. They were always like that. The "Lobster Booth 33" used like the name already says, for a long time by fishermen, which will apply also in the future to a large part of the booths, which distinguish themselves by the "Investorenpfad" from the "culture line".

The “Lobster booth 33" became with all the other booths, which line up between the depositing of baggage and the "Investorenpfad" a closed unit under the concept "art, culture, crab pincers".

The idea of the representatives of the local community to make the idyl of this place on their island an unusual meeting place, that offers more to the culturally interested visitors than cheap

cigarettes, liquor and perfume, comes up - this can be said in this simply way after the first year.

The "Lobster booth 33" is in direct neighbourhood on the right to the ornithologists, which show not only stuffed birds, but also something from the various work of the ornithological station or from birds which can be rarely seen.

Left apart from the "lobster booth 33" the surgeon and sculptor Dr. Gerhard Siegismund operate. He is actually always active with the knife - and at the same time superintendent of the "Paracelsus" hospital on Heligoland.

The "Lobster booth 33" is within the concept "art, culture, crab pincers" in a row with the mentioned neighbours, in addition with the gallery of the photographer Lilo Tadday, the museum association, the gallery of the hotel

"Insulaner", the "juice shop" (genuinely, there are among other things freshly pressed juices), the "lobster booth 37" of Lydia Goemann, and last but not least the "Coloured Cow".

The "Lobster booth 33" and its operators dedicate an extra paragraph to the "Coloured Cow".
A cosy port tavern, Café, restaurant, at the end of the art line. Operated by Sonja, a professional, who do not only know, how guests are pleased, but also understand to live even. Who would like to order something into the "lobster booth 33", simply gives its order for "desk 100", - that works !

The "Lobster booth 33":
and its basic dates:
- has a ground plan from approx. 3 x 5 m.
Flowing water and electricity are available.
The ground floor is work and sales room and for exhibitions.
Here is also a sink and a coffee machine.

The upper floor works as general stock and lounge.
Here is a wet cell with shower, toilet and wash basin available.

The "Lobster booth 33"
is from the inside white painted. The wooden framework is exposed in in the walls and creates with its warm wood tone a solid, comfortable atmosphere.

The "Lobster booth 33" was opened on 1 August 1998 for the art festival "art is an island". From the first moment it was taken up by the visitors positively. Although we had opened only approx. four hours a day, we counted on the day up to 120 visitors.
The "Lobster booth 33" is a love-worth jewel. We - and thus I mean all artists, who would like to participate in it - will set accents in it. With the artist group PARADOX in the background these accents will work far beyond Heligoland.

The "Lobster booth 33" was repaired with much expenditure by Rudolf Antony. He do not make a great fuss about that, but what he did would require an extra section. We are simply very pleased that he created with much skill of a craftsman an atmosphere, which materializes our concept "art in a lobster booth".

The "Lobster booth 33" is now waiting for its fulfilment by lives...
Here you can paint and sculpt, exhibit, sell, get in touch with visitors and get inspirations ...

More information about using the "lobster booth 33" you can get at:
PARADOX c/o B. J. Antony
Am Hemmerich 2
D-35102 Lohra
phone: 0049-6462-9140456
or with email to: kunst@bjantony.de

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