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PARADOX - Art Exchange® was founded in ´96. PARADOX looks at itself as free interest group of international artists who will exhibit, organize, work, make contacts and sell together. PARADOX is open. Every artist can become a free member and work under the roof of the group.

PARADOX - Art Exchange® will mediate between artists and private persons, institutions, companies and all, who are interested in art. For this reason a far spectrum of different art directions of contemporary art shall be collected. PARADOX will offer not only sale but also art leasing and life presentations.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® offers interested artists of all divisions and directions (not only the forming arts, but also the representing ones) a forum for contacts to the public: exhibitions, public events or simple the contact to art lovers.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® offers all participant artists the possibility to commit themselves to the group as free members as narrow as they want. Who will take part of a definite exhibition or event will be decided in free conversation between the members.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® offers all free members to represent themselves, samples of their work and allusions to regular or planned events on the PARADOX Site.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® mediates between artists and companies, private persons, institutions, galleries, and all, who are interested in art in any sense. A far spectrum of different directions of contemporary art is offered.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® forms a bridge between art and commerce. The offers shall be helpful for both sides. Besides the mediation of artists of all divisions PARADOX is open to all kinds of sponsorship from private or economical people, who wants to promote an art event or an artist. You will find a positive associated field in which Your name is worth seeing.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® unites the arts in the furthest meaning: painting and sculptures, photo or slideshows, readings and music compositions, art videos, fashion presentations, performances, mural paintings, order work, - everything is possible.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® makes contact between artists and art interested. The concept is simple: Who looks for a surrealistic painter gets a surrealistic painter. Who wants an abstract painter, finds an abstract. Who needs etchings (e.g. for the outfitting of properties) in great edition can make a find. Who likes to have sculptures can select between small and large. The offer is not finished with artistic photographs, kinetic objects or furniture design.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® doesn't offer only sale but also art leasing for private people or companies. Paradox can fulfill for reason of its far-reaching connections almost every wish in any art direction. You only submit Your imagination, PARADOX makes the contacts to the artists. Even an hour wise leasing for press conferences, confirming presentations or the like is realized by the artist group.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® can arrange appearances of artists like work demonstrations, performances, author readings, cabaret, fashion shows, movie shows or appearances of musicians, too.

PARADOX - Art Exchange ® is represented to the outside world by B.J. Antony. Contact: kunst@bjantony.de

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