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1953 born and grown up at the coast of the Northern Sea. At the universities of Trier and Marburg he studied philosophy, politics and sociology.
From formerly youth creative as a writer, he composed three books in author's edition and illustrated them with drawings, photos and collages. They are all sold.
Since 1979 he dedicated himself painting as further form of expression. After some exhibitions together with other artists 1984 the first single exhibition in Hamburg and since then numerous further in Germany and China.
Since 1985 he works independently as a freelance artist, since 1996 as curator of the artist group PARADOX, too..

The focal point of his working is painting, but he is still writing lyrics and reads them to the public. Always in search of new challenges in art he realizes wooden sculptures since 2001.
His atelier and gallery “Am Hemmerich” is open for all interested and can be visited on request.

1993 he created the art video “This madness is not at an end” together with the musician Tami Müller. The video associates cinema, painting, music and poetry to an emphatic statement against war and crime.

1996 he founded the artist group PARADOX - Art Exchange ® Since then he is working with more when 60 members of the fine and interpretative arts and executes with them continuously different projects.
1998 and 2001 he initiated the art festivals “art is an island” on Heligoland, 2002 the first exhibition of modern german art, independent of state support, in China, and the art festival “PARADOX - in the middle of the land” in Osterode.


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created for the flying exhibition “The dragon of east and west” 2004:

“Dragon #1” / mixed techniques on wood / 100 x 80 cm

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B.J. Antony, Am Hemmerich 2, D-35102 Lohra, fon: 49-6462-9140456, mobile: 49-171-4504413


Email: kunst@bjantony.de

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