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German-Chinese Culture Exchange

The Dragon of East and West

In connection with the successful exhibitions in the VR China PARADOX executes a common exhibition project with chinese artists in Germany. The theme is choosen paradoxical with consciousness, only the figure is similar, everything else is very different between the idea in western and eastern dragons.

In the western culture the dragon applies fundamentally evil, threatening, as unlucky omen and misanthropic. In China and East Asia the dragon is charitable and supposed to be lucky. In the Sung-time the dragon was the sign of the emperor.
In the tension between these different understanding of one and the same theme lies the worth of this exhibition, in which artists of strange cultures will meet.
The artists of PARADOX and from China will span bridges of understanding between different worlds and mentalities with this exhibition.

The project was planned as flying exhibtion in some locations in Germany, which are suited for this culture exceeding event. A selection of the artist group PARADOX takes part and some renowned chinese artists with paintings, sculptures and installations. The exhibition is always framed by a program of performance, dance, action theatre and music. All of the exhibited works are concentrated on the theme dragon.

The exhibition is accompanied by a reflection of the last activities in China. In China the artist group PARADOX was very friendly welcomed and achieved a notable attention by spectators and in press and television.
Their successful flying exhibition started in may 2002 in Tianjin. In three weeks 28000 spectators visited the exhibition in the bonsai-garden of the waterpark. In october 2002 the exhibition could be seen in the frame of the “Great Wall Art Exhibition” near the Chinese Wall in Jixian. In november and december 2002 the exhibition took place on two different locations in the north chinese town Dalian.
In China Gu Yingzhi represents the artist group PARADOX. She is not only one of the famoust chinese artists, but leader of the chinese calligraphy society and leader of the Hua Cui art school. She has the competence to promise for more exhibition locations in China for the next years.
As a reaction of the good acceptance PARADOX started in cooperation with Mr. Lan, a chinese businessman, an art gallery in Dalian. The artists of the artist group PARADOX were the first foreign artists who made an private exhibition without any help of the government, and they execute today the biggest exhibition of german artists in China. 

”The dragon” exhibitions:

Osterode: 16. july - 6. august 2005
Castle Rochlitz: 5. june - 15. august 2004
Castle Schönfeld: 2. may - 1. june 2004

Schachtrupp house Osterode

Castle Rochlitz

Castle Schönfeld

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