Heinz Gerhardt Friese

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Born 1928-02-03 in Berlin. Lives and works in Essen, Germany, as free artist.

The concrete painting is one thing, the abstract painting is another thing. My thing is it, to let flow the concrete and the abstract painting into each other. It is only a question of the topic, whether I prefer the one or the other manner, or how far I consider that it is necessary, to abstract concrete forms or do the opposite. The same applies to the colour creation. Realism is one thing, irrealism is another thing. My thing is it, to let the realistic and the irrealistic painting become one. The statement itself isn't decisive. Fiction and truth lie close together. Have I an alternative, I tend a little to the epistemological realism. How I see the things is decisive.
My nerve is open, I think I have to express myself in all manners. I am fundamental against every "ism". My manner I would call "antiism". My painting can not be placed into any "ism". If at all, then into the "epistemological realism". If philosophy is the science of thinking, I look at the painting as "visual philosophy". Not as science but as art.

Advertising graphic, art, philosophy and art politics, forerunner for serigraphy.
Falkwangschool Essen, graphic at Prof. H. Schardt
Form reduction at P. Picasso
Student company Essen, leader of the painting school
Foundation of the artist circle "La Bohème" Essen, registered association - today "art school/academy/youth studio"
Extended art studies at the state academy of arts, Düsseldorf
Esthetics at Prof. Theissing
Restoration at Prof. H. Althöfer
Portrait and nude at Prof. Sackenheim
Etching at Prof. Klapheck
Member of the professional organization of fine artists BBK
Member of the Westphalian literature office
University of Essen, art philosophy at Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohn
Spiritus rector of the art school/academy/youth studio Essen.
Lecturer of the master classes. Annual summer academy.
Honor chairman of the art organization "La Bohème" for Germany

Besides the job as fine artist he works as author of essays, outlines, lyric poetry and novellas.
Foundation founded.
Introduction of the annual art price.
Study journeys in Europe and Africa.


Contact by email: kunst@bjantony.de

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